Cameras added

We have just added support for Panasonic G2 and G10 and Canon EOS 550D/REBEL T2i, all with proper color profiles.

The Panasonic cameras only supports 4:3 mode directly, as these are the only RAW images we have been able to obtain. I have updated the RAW request list for Panasonic.

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  1. Mao says:

    Sorry, but the eos550d doesn’t seem to be supported so well. colors are simply blue when the image is shown. if the canon eos550d dcp profile is chosen from the drop down menu, color get an even worst strong purple tone.
    i also sent more than one email in the last weeks to the contact email, but never got any answer…

    • Klaus Post says:

      Does the console show anything, if you start rawstudio from there?

      I assume you have compiled it yourself, since the daily build hasn’t been updated.

  2. Mao says:

    At first i installed it from the repos, but had no image at all shown, just a tenth of it, and with purple colors. now i did again an install from svn,the image shows completely with blue tones only. or purple if i set color profile to canon eos550, that, btw, was not available in the repos install version.
    however…how else can i compile it on my own if i don’t see where else i can get the source if not from the svn or ppa? and those now i see in the ppa are updated to many weeks ago….

  3. Mao says:

    btw, have u ever received my emails to the contact address? cause i never got any answer from there…and it’d be easier than checking on here, also to share more details if needed…many thanks again.

  4. Frank says:

    I just checked with my (new) EOS 550D and it seems that this raw format is only partially supported.

    Console output is:

    freddy@pegasus eos % rawstudio Canon_EOS_550D.CR2

    (rawstudio:5496): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_store_get_path: assertion `iter->stamp == tree_store->stamp’ failed

    (Though I don’t think this is related)

    and a screenshot of the actually output can be revewed at



    • Anders Brander says:

      Hi Frank,

      I’m afraid your version of Rawstudio is too old to support the 550D.


    • Klaus Post says:

      As Anders pointed out the 1.2 version is not getting updates anymore.

      It is a bit embarrassing, but the “daily” builds are older than this post, but I think Anders Kvist is working hard on getting it back up.

      If you are up to it, the best option is to compile it yourself, or maybe wait a bit for the “dailys” to become updated.

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