Sample Image Requests: Canon+Panasonic Cameras

We cannot support cameras properly, if we don’t have any images. Of course we need images from all new cameras, but we still have a few ones missing. So if you have any of these cameras, please upload a few well-exposed image to us, preferably with some colors in it, so we can support your camera fully. Your image should preferably be exposed to all edges of the frame, so we can make a crop as precise as possible.



You can upload to our FTP server, or use this web upload form to send us your images. Please put a comment here, so we don’t get images from the same cameras too many times.

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  1. past0r says:

    Some of them you can find there:

  2. past0r says:

    And here’re another examples:

  3. ludo says:

    is the pentax k-x pef format already supported?
    Or should I upload some pef file from it?

    Thx for this nice soft!

  4. Blog says:

    […] 4:3 mode directly, as these are the only RAW images we have been able to obtain. I have updated the RAW request list for […]

  5. Sylvain Depuille says:


    i have send today some raw files from Canon 7D, with format Raw, mRaw and sRaw.

    Thanks a lot for this good soft.

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