Rawstudio in other media

2011-04-20Review and introduction to Rawstudio 2.0 at linux.com.
2008-05-20Review of release 1.0 at linux.com.
2008-04-29Short introduction to Rawstudio in Meet the GIMP! videocast.
2008-03-17Joel Cornuz did an interview with Anders Brander at his blog about Linux Photography.
2007-04-24Nathan Willis wrote a review of Rawstudio.
2006-08-08Nathan Willis wrote an article about raw-processing on Linux covering Rawstudio and other converters.

Logos for use in other media

If you're writing about Rawstudio, you're welcome to use our logo to accompany your article. We have logos available in the following formats:

SVG for printing
PNG for web-usage