Rawstudio 2.1 Feature Freeze

We have been slowly updating Rawstudio despite an otherwise busy schedule. This Here is a quick run-through of the new features.

Asynchronous Display Rendering

One of the most common requests is a more responsive UI, when adjusting settings.  I didn’t expect this to be a huge win, since it will not actually speed up rendering. However, after an experimental implementation, it really makes a big difference in how responsive the program feels.

Basically all adjustments are now pushed to a separate thread, that begins re-rendering the image, if no further adjustments are made for 50 milliseconds. This makes sliders much more responsive, since an instant re-render isn’t triggered right away.

Since multi-threading in a complex application such as Rawstudio can bring some unforeseen consequences, this is also the most likely source of instability. Not in the sense of data loss, but it could still result in some unexpected and hard to reproduce crashes.

System Display Profile

You can now use the display profiles you have assigned to your monitors. You can select the to use the system display profile in the Preferences box:

New “Advanced” profiles

We have created a number of “Advanced” color profiles, which will hopefully give a more precise color reproduction than the “simple” matrix-based profiles. You can read more about them here in a previous blog entry.


Full changelist

New Stuff

Camera Support, Color Profiles

Camera Support, File Loading

Bug Fixes

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7 responses to “Rawstudio 2.1 Feature Freeze”

  1. ej says:

    How can I just accept the preview and export the file(s) to jpeg? I can’t seem to make any of my images as good as the preview no matter what I do. I have a large number of raw shots to process so this would be handy if it can be done.

    • Klaus Post says:

      “Quick Export” should of course give you a full-sized export of how the current image looks. It does however not scale the image in any way.

      Rawstudio uses a “Lanczos” interpolation to scale the image, which is sharper than ordinary bicubic interpolation. This might be why it actually looks better than the exported image.

      We could add an image size modifier to the Quick Export settings similar to the one in Batch Export. However, since 2.1 Release Candidate is pretty much wrapped up (actually it’s only waiting to upload) it will not be until 2.2 or whichever will be the next version.

      If you’d like to keep track of how implementation is going, please add it as an enhancement to the bugtracker.

  2. Craig says:

    I haven’t updated yet but it looks like the minor issues I’ve noticed have been addressed. I’m liking this. Just wanted to say great job and thank you.

  3. Damien says:

    Great job !! I really like this soft ! When will the PPA be available for Ubuntu 12.04 ??
    Thanks !

  4. Jens Lohmann says:

    A release for Ubuntu 12.04 would be much appreciated. :-)

  5. Jarno Suni says:

    How do you set system color profile? In Gimp you can choose a monitor profile from disk.

  6. urcindalo says:

    I can’t seem to find the rawstudio-2.1.tar.gz file in the /files/release directory.
    Where are we supposed to download the new source version from?
    Thanks in advance.

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