Rawstudio! What is it good for?

After some quiet time after the 2.0 here is a small video from the release party we held right after 2.0 shipped:

Watch on Vimeo in HD
Watch on Youtube in HD

Hope you enjoyed the video. You can download the music which was made for the occasion by two of our good friends. I had a bit of fun afterwards and threw together a remix, with a bit more of a “party” feeling.

Music by Rune Stowasser & Jakob Birkedal
Remix by Klaus Post

Download Original Music : raw-studio.mp3
Download Remix: rawstudio-remix.mp3

We all needed a short break after 2.0, but now we will begin looking into what the future brings!

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3 responses to “Rawstudio! What is it good for?”

  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for the newest release

  2. Thanks as well for the newest release. I kinda gave up on editing and viewing RAW files on Fedora until I came across this app. Awesome work guys, keep it up.

  3. Jarno Suni says:

    Nice video. I do not like the music, though.

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