Rawstudio 2.0 Release Candidate

Since only a few issues has been brought forward in the beta version, we are now officially ready to call this a Release Candidate. Technically this is RC 2, since we discovered an image degradation bug right after switching to RC 1, so we decided not to announce it until we had that fixed.

We are currently working mostly on documentation and general information about Rawstudio. We have begun collecting the material we have on the Online Documentation page. Obviously a lot of information is still missing there, and if you are interested in helping out writing articles for this section, you are very welcome to contact us. We are also planning to add video guides for various tasks – if you have any experience or interest in that, also feel very welcome to contact us.

The changes since Beta include:

Thanks again to everybody who has tested and helped out with translations. There are still a few translations pending, and we will add them as they come in, but if you do have the time and possibility to make one of the translations that are still marked incomplete, please do so very soon.

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