Troubleshooting Camera Support

Camera Support

First of all, make sure you are running Rawstudio 2.0 or later.

Rawstudio 2.0 has been tested with all the cameras we have been able to find RAW files from. There are several areas where specific features are supported for different cameras.

The main areas are:

1. Raw Loading Ability

This is the most basic support. Are we able to actually load the RAW image data?

We are using our own raw loader for the most common camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus & Samsung.
For other more “exotic” cameras, we fall back to loading the image through dcraw.

If your specific camera model is not supported, you might see an almost pink image, or they may be junk in the borders or other artifacts.
If you are using a stable release build, you might be able to support your camera by downloading the newest camera definition file and place it “.rawstudio” in your home directory.

2. Color Profile

To have basic functionality like whitebalance working, a color profile is needed for the camera.
We currently have color profiles for more than 300 cameras.

Again, if you are using a packaged version of Rawstudio 2.0, you may be able to find a profile in our repository in the profiles folder.
To install it, open “.rawstudio” in your home directory, create a folder called “profiles”, and copy the DCP profile and maybe rawstudio-cameras.xml inside the directory.

3. Metadata Support

The two points above will get you going with using your camera, if your version of Rawstudio doesn’t have direct support for it.

Metadata support is a separate function, and handles things like reading EXIF info, white balance, lens information, etc.

You are most likely to encounter wrong whitebalance on new cameras, and this is also the most annoying, so we support reading whitebalance on all cameras we have information on.

You can however still set a manual whitebalance by clicking the image or copy+paste whitebalance. Your settings will work fine, and will be maintained when we eventually support the camera.

Since this metadata is often very camera specific, there may be some cameras, where some aspects of this isn’t supported completely. We try to keep up with this the best we can, but there may be some cases where there is no information available, or it simply isn’t recorded by the camera.

4. Lens Support

For this to work, we need to be able to read information about the current lens from the EXIF data.
Not all cameras records which lens is attached, or only records it very inprecise, so there is a lot of differences in that area.

The actual lenses supported are determined by the lensfun application database.
There is built-in support to download the newest lens information directly, by selecting the “Update Lensfun Database” in the Lens Library.

5. Tethered Shooting Support

Tethered Shooting is supplied through the gPhoto library.
Camera support is heavily depending on the version of this library, so if you experience problems in this area, try to see if you can update the library.
Also check the remote controllable camera support list to see if your camera is on there.

There might also be some camera specific settings needed to enable remote capture. Experiment with the ‘gphoto2’ commandline tool, to see if you can expect it to work.
If you find any settings you need to apply, please report them to us, so we can attempt to set them automatically.

Unsupported Cameras

If you don’t succeed with a listed or unlisted camera please use Bugzilla to report this.

Also, please send us a RAW file, so we can quickly support your camera. The most likely reason for unsupported loading or metadata support is because we don’t have a test file.

There is anonymous upload for this purpose via this web upload page, or by ftp here.

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45 responses to “Troubleshooting Camera Support”

  1. Neil Mulcahy says:

    i have a cannon eos 550d i am able to open raw files shot in landscape but not able to open portrait shots from the same camera can you help?

    • Klaus Post says:


      1. Please open a bug report in the bug tracker, or if that is not an option write to the mailing list.

      2. Describe the problem there. What happens, and give us a example file for testing.

      This that are also good to note: Which RS version? Do you have the image rotation option enabled on your camera?

  2. Dave says:

    Hi! The Nikon D5100 .nef photos are very green on openning it on Raw Studio, what’s happens?


    • Klaus Post says:

      Just added D5100.

      * You need to add “cameras.xml” to “homedir/.rawstudio”
      * Download “rawstudio-cameras.xml” and the “NIKON_D5100-simple.dcp” profile and place them in the “homedir/.rawstudio/profiles”.

      Then your camera should be fully supported.

      • Roman says:

        after updating cameras.xml, rawstudio-cameras.xml and the NIKON_D5100-simple.dcp I can fix the WB, but WB from the camera exif is still not working and my D5100 photos are still green by default.

        • Prakash Punnoor says:

          Hi, I have the same problem with a rawstudio 2.0 (gentoo ebuild version 2.0-r1) and Nikon D5100. I copied Nikon_D5100_Rawstudio_Advanced_Profile.dcp and rawstudio-cameras.xml into profiles (and cameras.xml into .rawstudio). Now I get greenish images upon opening of raw files, as tint and temp will be set to minimum values. But I simply have to adjust tint to 0 and temp to around 2700 and it nearly looks correct. What would be the proper fix?

          BTW, rawstudio crashed on start-up several times the first time I added the profile. After some tries it started working.

  3. nkl says:


    when i work in rawstudio, the photo looks so good (processing) but.. when i open it post-processing photo to gimp or second software, the quality is so low! if i need to upload sample, i do?

    • nkl says:

      oh.. sorry for that.. found the “problem” at the and of process, i must to put in the batch photo! :)

      btw, thanks for the rawstudio!

      best, nikola

  4. condar says:

    Hi!… I bought recently a Fujifilm HS20 exr and Rawstudio open the file but the result is just artifacts over artifacts :)… I hope rawstudio give support for this camera model soon…


  5. condar says:

    hmmm about my previous post… I found the problem with Fujifilm HS20 RAF files is the dcraw adaptation used in Rawstudio. Rawstudio have version 9.04 but Fujifilm HS20 support was added just in version 9.06.
    Again… I hope rawstudio give support for this model soon… ;)

    thx for your time

  6. condar says:

    PS: please forgive my multiple posts..

    Fujifilm HS20 was added to Dcraw in version 9.08…. not 9.06


  7. nigeldodd says:

    Where is the documentation for rawstudio? I have an old dslr so I would expect it to be recognised, however there are problems. The thumbnails have good whitebalance but the main window has a strong cyan cast. On a fresh install of rawstudio 2, the .rawstudio/camera-database.xml file contains

    PENTAX Corporation
    PENTAX *ist DL

    which is the correct camera. Your instructions for downloading and implementing the camera profile files are not clear. Again, where is the documentation please?

    • Klaus Post says:

      I don’t have any samples from that camera, so please unload a sample as described above, and I will take a look at what’s required to support it.

  8. nigel dodd says:

    thanks, Klaus for your quick reply. I have uploaded a sample as requested. As I say, rawstudio opens the files ok and displays the thumbnails ok but the full sized photos have a cyan cast. I can manually correct by increasing green slider but that is not good to have to do always.

    I currently use rawshooter essentials 2006 under Wine for ubuntu linux but would welcome a native linux app that has similar features.

  9. nigel dodd says:

    thanks, Klaus. The camera is recognised now. Rawstudio is working well but of course I can’t help comparing it with rawshooter essentials. Can I increase the size of the icon strip to show more icons (I have hundreds in a directory)? The size of the tool pane can be changed by dragging but not the icon pane.
    Thanks for a good raw batch processing tool.

  10. Mavriz says:

    Hi all. I have the same problem as ‘condar’. RAW files from Fujifilm HS20EXR are not handled properly. I tried to update my dcraw to the latest version (v.9.12) but RAW Studio still seems to not recognize them. Do RAW Studio use its own copy of dcraw? Is it possible to substitute it somewere?

    Many thanks.

  11. Michael Rasmussen says:

    Hi – I have a new Panasonic GX1 for uploading raw files…

    Do you want ones with flash? For each of the color modes? (Standard, Vivid, Scenery, Portrait … ) in daylight and with flash?

    For the moment I’m sending a Standard color mode shot of a color card in sunlight.

  12. Kevin Ro says:

    I have uploaded two RAW files for SAMSUNG NX20 and a jpg file for your reference.

    Would you please check those files..

  13. PoLiTvS says:


    As I can see, my Olympus Pen E-P2 lacks white balance management; playing with color temperature seems to work, but it would be very nice having the presets working…

    Should I upload RAW files? One for each white balance presets? JPGs from Olympus Viewer 2? Please tell me what to do.

    Thanks in advance! And good work!!

  14. Fanchik says:


    I use a Fujifilm Finepix X10, we have a home network running Windows and Ubuntu PCs.

    This camera is supported by Lightroom v4.1 on Windows.

    I wonder if the Fujifilm Finepix X10 is also supported in RawStudio v2.0 under Ubuntu v10.04 and v12.04.

    Thank you!


  15. Svante says:

    Hi, I just uploaded a Sony Nex-7 raw file since there is no colour profile for that camera. There are other raw converters out there but in my opinion no one is as good as rawstudio, especially because of the workflow.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  16. Sylvio says:

    Danke für die fixe Nikon D600 – Implementierung!

  17. Svante says:

    Hello again, I wonder if there may be something else amiss then missing colour profile for the Nex-7. I have the adobe invariant profile but it is not possible to add it (I try the ordinary way but after adding it it doesn’t show up in the profile box). The raw files are green to begin with but it is possible to change the white balance.

    Thanks again,


  18. Erik says:


    There is currently no color profile for the new EOS 6D. Can I help you with getting it supported by extracting some of the files from the CD that was shipped with the camera?

    • Klaus Post says:

      No – we have to wait for Adobe to support it in their DNG converter, otherwise we do not have a color conversion matrix.

      I just made a quick “test” profile, which is just a copy of the 5D Mk III matrix:

      Place it in (your home dir)/.rawstudio/profiles – You can use this to test. It does seem like Whitebalance has actually changed for this camera, as it is giving some weird values on pre-production camera files. However manual whitebalance and “click to select whitebalance” seems to work. Do however note – this is of course NOT the correct profile.

  19. Ian says:

    Hi, thanks for loading up the profile so quickly. I’ve slipped it into a folder and added an xml as the instructions said. Still no success yet though. Should I delete the “camera database.xml” file? I’ve tried shifting the rawstudio-cameras.xml from ,rawstudio to the profiles folder I made to no avail.

  20. Ian says:

    I see the profile is labelled as being simpler that most at the moment. To make it complete, would you need shots taken in all or something. I note also there are daily builds for ubuntu(wow you guys are busy). That’s what I’m using at the moment. Perhaps a better idea, then to download such a build.
    The programme does seem to have a register for what the camera is, but the people are still blue at the moment, and my blacks purple.

  21. Benoit Racicot says:


    The cameras.xml file at the link on this page doesn’t work with the new Canon SL1/100D: the CFA colors are wrong. Event when this is fixed, I get better results if I use the 650D settings (renaming the entry to match the 100D).

    The correct settings must be somewhere in between.

    What I find in cameras.xml through the link on this page:


    Canon EOS REBEL SL1
    Canon EOS Kiss X7

    … Which doesn’t work.

    I use this one, based on the 650D:


    Canon EOS REBEL SL1
    EOS Kiss X7

    CFA, sensor black and black areas are different from your file, though.

  22. Benoit Racicot says:

    Ackkk, the xml tags were filtered out! :P

  23. Benoit Racicot says:

    I sent you CANON_EOS_D100.CR2 via FTP.

  24. Svante says:

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a fuji x-e1 and I am wondering if it is or will be supported by rawstudio?

  25. stef says:

    What about this message from Adobe : “New Camera Support in “Camera Raw 7.3 : Canon EOS 6D” to get a better color conversion matrix for the EOS 6d ?

  26. Oscar Rendon says:

    Can you add color invert, in order to work with scanned negatives?
    Do you use 16 bits for each rgb channel?
    Can you put a keyboard capture box of 16 bits per channel color base for white balance?

  27. olivier says:

    I tried in 12.04 and now 13.04 ubuntu fully update,
    i place the “” into my .rawstudio file in home… but still… my picture are green with my nikon d7100 any idea ?

    • Komzar says:

      I have the same problem for D7100. XML and DCP files are updated but there is no chance to adjust properly the final colour. Everything is green.

      Ubuntu 12.04
      RawStudio 2.0

      • Klaus Post says:

        Whitebalance should be correct for Nikon D5100, if you update to the daily (svn) build. To redetect whitebalance, you might need to delete the “.rawstudio” folder in the directory containing your raw images.

  28. Mark says:

    Looks great but all I get is white image.
    Thumbnails look ok but selecting them produces a white image in main window. Then the thumbnail also goes white.

    Did the above trouble shooting process:
    added camers.xml
    added closest profile(D5100) to profiles folder.
    Install process.
    sudo apt-get install gimp-ufraw
    sudo apt-get install rawstudio
    all good.

    After noticing white screen problem.
    I added the profiles folder.
    I then noticed the ppa so added that
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rawstudio/ppa
    and run update upgrade.

    Still no change

    Camera D5200.

  29. Tom says:


    I use a Pentax K100D Super. This should be identical to the K100D (it just adds a dust removal system and support for KAF3 lenses).

    I made it work by following your instructions as if it was the K100D and added two exif information lines to the rawstudio-cameras.xml file.

    After deleting the .rawstudio folder in my picture folder everything works liek a charm.

    Thank you


  30. Johan says:

    It seems the RAW of the olympus stylus XZ2 is not supported, or do I do something wrong

  31. Ken says:

    Canon 6D = green tone, unremovable. Is this still an issue from dcraw? Had to move from another Canon EOS which was working so beautifully with rawstudio. Updated camera.xml in $HOME/.rawstudio but this didn’t fix it.

  32. Peter says:

    I have recently upgraded to the latest rawstudio. I work with 2 cameras – a Canon 300D and a Sony A300. The Canon is fine but raw files from the Sony appear with “Temp” set to 2000 and “Tint” set to -150, this did not happen on the earlier version of rawstudio, I have tried downloading the provided profile into ~/.rawstudio/profiles but this has had no effect.

    What should I do?

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