Rawstudio 2.0 String Freeze

Rawstudio is now going into “String Freeze”. This means we will no longer update texts in Rawstudio, and this small time is meant to give translators a head start before the first release.

How to help translating

First of all, check if your language has already been completed on out Translations page.

Second, go to our mailing list, and make a post “Does anyone else translate to XXX?”. This is just so you can coordinate with other who might be translating to your language.

Then download the po-file from the Translations page for editing. There are several good tools, like “Gtranslator”, “po-edit”, and other good software you might know.

When you are done, send the translation to the mailing list. We would be very glad, if you could send it in before the 31st of March. Otherwise it might be a tight fit to get your translation into the 2.0 release.

Thanks a lot for your assistance!

Program Updates

We are not adding any new main features, but we have added support for quite a few cameras.


Cameras Added:

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