Rawstudio 2.0: Feature Complete!

When you are continuously developing software as a pet project, it is really hard to draw a line, and say “We’re done”. This is mainly because you always have a list of 50 things you’d like to implement, and small fixes you’d like to make all the time. Every time you add a feature, it seems like the most important feature.

We have now finished up, what we think is the last major feature that will go into Rawstudio 2.0, so we are now getting ready for BETA!

The last feature we added was Kelvin Temperature Whitebalance. This feature has been on our list for a long time, but there have been a lot of stuff that needed to be in place for this to work. We felt that this was such a big change, that we could not postpone it until after the 2.0 release.

The final feature: Kelvin based temperature!

But now we are gearing upĀ  an official 2.0 beta, because we feel it is important that we draw a line, and get an official release rolling.

Release Schedule

We have a schedule for finalizing the official release.

Test, test, test!
We have some very dedicated users that have helped us test features in the dailies as they were developed, and thereby helping us achieve, what we feel will be a very stable beta. Issues should now mainly be in the small details, with specific cameras on specific settings that we have not encountered before.

You can of course help by giving us your feedback and experiences. Feel free to add a bug report, write to the mailing list or give us a comment here.

Localization and Documentation

If you are one of the translators, or would be able to help doing some user documentation, now is your time to shine. We are pretty much at feature freeze now, and will only be adjusting minor things, like user messages and other helpful things. So now it should be pretty safe for you to begin looking at documentation

We will announce the official string freeze, so if you have the time after that, download the po-files for translation and submit them to our mailing list, when you are done. Getting good localization support is very important for us, so your help is very appreciated!

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