Happy Birthday, Rawstudio!

In a few days Rawstudio has it 5 years birthday. Since we were all meeting up, we have bought a birthday cake to celebrate this.

Thanks to our local bakery for the cake design :)

A lot of things has happened in 5 years, and we have all had a lot of great experiences and learned a lot in the years that have passed by. We would like to greet and thank everybody who has been in contact with us, contributed, or just used Rawstudio. Without you, we would never have made it this far.

Just for fun, we pulled out the first version that actually worked (revision 3), and started it up – so this is the first public version of Rawstudio:

The first (working) revision, added 5 years ago, and now 5 years later:

New Features

As usual a good deal of good stuff has been happening until the last update. Mainly in the polishing department:

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  1. salvadhor says:


    Hope next years will bring another cool features and overall fast progress in development!

    Let the diamond shine on :)

  2. Congratulations :-)

    I’ve been using Rawstudio for six months now, tracking the bleeding edge builds by downloading the Ubuntu PPA source and building it for Debian Sid every week or so, and it has hugely sped up my photo processing workflow.

    My only remaining niggle is that when I mouseover the numbers and scroll the mousewheel for really fine adjustments, the direction of scroll is reversed (and seems counterintuitive) from when I use the mousewheel above the sliders (and seems intuitively correct).

    Great work all of you :-)

    Andrew McMillan.

  3. David Nicholson says:

    Congratulations all. Very much looking forward to the 2.0 release. I pretty much exclusively use the nightly builds for processing now..

    Best wishes,

  4. Wonderful. I hadn’t really considered RawStudio’s age, but I see that I’ve been on this bus for most of the way. :-) Well, it’s not always been entirely fun, but it’s almost always been worth it, and it’s certainly made leaps and strides in the last two years.

    You guys still have beer in the bank. :-)


  5. Mike Lenzen says:

    Congrats, just used rawstudio2 to put edit my raw photos from a trip to the Yukon. Very fast, and very nice final product. I’m so glad I found this software.


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