Updates to Rawstudio

Just to let you know we are still hard at work, here is a summary of the “minor” changes that have been implemented. A lot of the recent work is in the usability department, to make the 2.0 a much more streamlined experience.

We are feeling that we have reached a stability and usability level that are very close to an official beta version. The only major thing we feel that is incomplete is the whitebalance system, and minor things as adjusting keyboard shortcuts and help texts.

We have a lot to thank the people that have taken the time to give us feedback on the daily versions on the mailing list, in the Bug tracker and here on the blog. Your input is very valuable!

We still have a major new feature that we have not introduced here on the blog. You can install the Ubuntu daily, or maybe even download and compile your own version, and see if you can spot the new feature.

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  1. Francesco Scaglioni says:

    ? Tag Search option : great stuff.

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  3. Fraancesco says:

    If not that then the indicators in curves and histogram are great.

  4. Saalik Reynolds says:

    I cannot get an image anywhere near usable from my Canon G12

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