New Cameras and Colour Profiles

We’ve just added colour profiles for a bunch of new cameras in Rawstudio:

As you can see we still need your Raw samples for complete support. Especially Panasonic is a nuisance, since the raw files are different for each aspect ratio.

You can upload to our FTP server, or use this web upload form to send us your images.

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  2. Stephen R. van den Berg says:

    Why not use dcraw?

    I personally have a Canon 550D, and notice that it is not supported yet. Though I see that dcraw already supports it (and therefore so does ufraw). What is the reason rawstudio doesn’t use either dcraw directly or the C-source of dcraw to implement the raw image decoder? This way you’re duplicating work (not that that is forbidden, but it needlessly increases the universe’s entropy).

    • Klaus Post says:

      Hi Stephen

      First of all, we DO use dcraw, as fallback, when RawSpeed cannot decode the image (primarily old cameras).

      Second of all, 550D has been supported since March the 19th (load support), and March 27th (Colour profile).

      You can read more about why we have chosen to make a new decoder here:

  3. Dirk says:

    I was searching for a RAW converter supporting my brand new Sony STL-A55V, and found Rawstudio (this blog post to be exact).

    You wrote “Sony STL-A55V (Fully supported)”. But in what version you’ll support the STL-A55V? Because when i try to load a raw file from this camera i get this:

    • Anders Kvist says:

      Sorry for the slow answer – just saw your question :/

      You will probably need to use our daily packages or compile Rawstudio yourself – or wait a few more days for 2.0 to be released into the wild :)


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