Even faster load and export times in Rawstudio

Faster initial display time

We have now implemented an improvement, that will give even faster response time from clicking an icon until the image is displayed on screen.

For the initial image to be displayed on the screen, we have previously implemented a “Quick” mode in relevant filters. The short story is, that for the initial display of the image, we run the decoded image through the filter chain in quick mode, which currently has faster de-mosaic, faster rotation, faster resize, de-noising, sharpen  & lens correction disabled.

The new change is that de-mosaic now outputs the image in half size. Previously we’ve run the full-size image through crop, rotation and as input to the resize filter. This reduces the memory usage for the initial preview, and makes these filters run four times faster. Furthermore raw formats that relies on raw decoding for thumbnails (like Panasonic) will also be faster.

Quicker “Quick Export” and “Export to Gimp”

We’ve reduced the processing and memory required to do an Export. Since these operations always run on the currently open image, we can re-use the information we have already processed for displaying the image. So now “Quick Export” should actually be quick! :)

With some help from a user, we also nailed a bug in these functions, where colours were incorrect when using the functions above.

Automated build system

Anders Kvist has fixed the dreaded automatic build system (again), so now there should be fresh builds available for all Ubuntu platforms. Go to the launchpad page to get it.

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  2. photomag says:

    Works great – really fast.

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