First day at LGM 2010

Finally the great day has arrived, and Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 kicked off in style. We have already met a lot of great people with great projects, ideas and insights. Graphics is a wide area, and you get a lot of different inputs on areas you didn’t know anything about on beforehand. I’m personally getting a bit frustrated, that I didn’t have the time to prepare a talk on DCP profiles, and how they differ from ICC profiles.

Test shot for Panasonic GF1 16:9 support.

We attended all of the talks, and browsed around the workshops.

Workshop on Openraster Image format.

In other news, we have still had some time to do a few new features and fixes. Copy&Paste has been updated to include the profile and Panasonic GF1 is now fully supported.

We are now getting ready for day two. Until then, take care!

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Klaus Post on May 27, 2010

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