Adobe Releases Free Profile Editor

As some of you may have seen on the net, Adobe has released a Lens Profile Creator, that allows you to create profiles for any of your lenses, using pretty much equipment that you probably already have available.

This is an interesting development, and even though Rawstudio already has a Lens Correction module built-in, the new format may open up for a wider adoption of a common lens correction format.

In contrast to most other software, the calculation of distortion is automated, and you don’t have to do manual markup of your images. The profile can contain Distortion, Chromatic Aberration and Vignetting correction. The detail level of each profile is largely up to whoever created it, allowing for different aperture and focal length. Also the number of actual shots are up to whoever creates the profile, so you can make them as detailed as you like.

The file format of the profiles are XMP text files (basically slightly wrapped XML) , but obviously a lot more detail has got to go into interpreting the data. I have uploaded a sample LCP file for those of you that do not have Windows or OS X.

We will have to see how many lens profiles will become available, and whether or not the data from freely available profiles can be moved into Lensfun, or if the most beneficial implementation will be separate from the existing.

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Klaus Post on May 4, 2010

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