Good reading on RAW basics

While I was browsing around, I found some very good documents on Adobe’s Camera Raw page, that are very good introductions to understanding some of the basics of Raw shooting, that may help some of you get some of the technicalities we are discussing.

Understanding Digital Raw Capture is a very good introduction to what actually goes on inside a Raw converter, and how it differs from recording JPEG images.

Linear Gamma, very well explains what we are talking about, when we talk about gamma correction, linear gamma and similar things about gamma. It also explains how to better expose for Raw conversion, and how to interpret the highlight clipping warning on your camera.

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  1. TechBang says:

    I’m looking to extract JPEG from a Nikon RAW file, NEF. I need the SOI and EOI Markers and the size of the JPEG file embedded in NEF file. Could anyone help.

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