[Rawstudio-users] Export to GIMP photo name

Anders Kvist anders at kvistmail.dk
Sun Feb 6 19:22:28 CET 2011

Maybe an old version of GIMP that doesnt have the "open as new" command?


Klaus Post <klauspost at gmail.com> wrote:


I cannot really see, where you can see it, since my images are just opened as "Untitled", but I added it anyway :)


Regards, Klaus Post


On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 12:53, Francesco Scaglioni <fgs at mossdog.net> wrote:


> Hi,
> Using rawstudio-daily.  When a photo is exported to GIMP is
> there any way that the original file name (minus extension
> obviously) could be passed to GIMP.  ie when photo named
> 100122-0156-G12.cr2 is exported then GIMP receives a name of
> eg .rawstudio-7656.tiff and not 100122-0156-G12.tiff.

>>I take it all back, as of today it does !! Yeah !

Sorry, no it doesn't ;-(

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