[Rawstudio-users] Sony DSC-R1 (*.SR2) not recognized

Anders Kvist anders at kvistmail.dk
Sat May 3 21:36:58 CEST 2008

Sebastian Ewering wrote:
> Hi everybody,
Hi Sebastian

> the rawfiles from my Sony DSC-R1, *.SR2, are not recognized by 
> When renamed to *.NEF ( it is the Nikon-Format, as I have learned ) 
> they are displayed.
I have just added support for SR2 files in SVN trunk.

> I uploaded Sony_DSC-R1.SR2 to your FTP-area, sorry unsollicited.
Thanks, we would always like to get new rawfiles :)

> How do I get my *.SR2 recognized ?
You won't get support in the Rawstudio 1.0 packages on your OpenSUSE. 
But if you can compile Rawstudio by yourself from SVN, you can get your 
files supported or wait for the next release.

> On the same machine, openSUSE, I run GIMP with the UFRAW-plugin. That 
> works.
> Thanks to all
> Sebastian

/Anders Kvist

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