[Rawstudio-users] Questions Multiple image rotation, Thumbnails, and Keyboard Shortcuts

Wes Leong wesleong at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 19:30:25 CEST 2008

Anders Kvist wrote:
>> 3 - Are there keyboard shortcuts for the common processing tasks? I tend to not use the mouse when I don't need to and would find this useful. For example, one could use 'CTRL-R' or 'CTRL-SHIFT-R' for clockwise/counterclockwise rotation, Press 'C' to select Contrast and use the arrow keys to modify, or press 'S' for saturation and the arrow keys to modify, etc.
>Well, I have never heard of people doing photowork without a mouse... 
>yet :) We haven't got any shortcuts like the ones you describe. I don't 
>even know if GTK can use shortcuts to place focus on a slider...

Yea, I feel like I can be more precise with the keyboard sometimes, for 
curves and white-balance the mouse is necessary, but for the settings
that are adjusted via slider, I feel like I could get things done faster 
by keyboard, since I would be able to adjust these settings quickly 
without having to divert my eyes to the side of the screen. Though I 
could be the minority in this. Or maybe I just lack some fine-motor 
skills. :)

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