[Rawstudio-users] Rawstudio 1.0 release candidate 1

Olli Hänninen olli.orava at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 07:53:17 CEST 2008

Hi Anders,

You asked for reporting known bugs. Here are the bugs I have experienced
with SVN1758 while running Rawstudio under Ubuntu Gutsy (i386):

1) Quick export makes Rawstudio crash every time.

2) If you are viewing a photo at "zoom to fit" -level, zooming in will
result in viewing upper left hand corner of the image. You would expect that
zooming in would show a portion in the middle of the current view.

3) "Load 8 bit photos" worked with earlier builds (for example 0.7) but with
SVN1758 it does not load jpegs.

4) In split screen the horizontal scrolling moves only the photo on the left
hand side.

5) When I installed SVN1758 (from daily deb-package) the zooming buttons and
slider and exposure mask tick box disappeared.

6) There are some phrases that are not included in the pot-file. (See my
earlier email under topic "Finnish translation".)

While eagerly waiting for 1.0, I would humbly present some of my thoughts on
features I would like to see in the next releases. My main hopes for the
TODO list are:

1) Thumbnails should be updated and processed so that all changes to the
image would result in changes to thumbnails too. This is the major UI
feature that divides Rawstudio from the commercial products.

2) You should be able to rename the photos.

3) I would like to have a "hand" that you can use to drag the photo around.
It would be much faster to use than to scroll the photo with sliders. This
feature is in literally all other developed raw-converters.

4) At the moment you can click a point on the photo to set it as the white
point. I am used to a feature mentioned in 3) and therefore I keep on
accidentally clicking the photo and am losing my white balance settings all
the time. :p I suggest that this white balance function is set as a
pipet/dropper tool (meaning you first have to click a button or a tick box
before you can click the photo to set the white point).

5) I have used Rawshooter for a long long time. I really loved that it had
two contrast sliders: one for darker areas (low key) and one for lighter
areas (high key). This feature was relly useful because you could increase
contrast in the upper or lower band without ruining the other. For example
if your photo was overexposed or almost overexposed, you can't barely use
the contrast slider. If the contrast would be divided to two, you could
increase contrast in low key areas while preserving highlights.

6) Camera white balance -support for Olympus E-1 (as discussed on separate

Best regards,


2008/4/17, Anders Brander <anders at brander.dk>:
> Hi all,
> At some point it time one has to draw the line and get out of beta. I
> hereby present Rawstudio 1.0rc1.
> We hope to be able to release a final 1.0 in approximately 48 hours, I
> suggest we use these two days for finding that last annoying bug and the
> translators can use the time to make sure everything is translated.
> In other words, please use the next 48 hours to:
> - Find bugs.
> - Translate.
> We have bugs now and we have unresolved issues but in my opinion no big
> showstoppers.
> News for version 1.0:
> This release adds a new sharpen-tool, exporting to GIMP for further
> editing, a nice in-window directory selector with optional recursive
> loading, the GUI has been spiced up to look much more modern, Rawstudio
> has been translated to more than 10 languages and as usual a ton of
> bugfixes and minor enhancements!
> Thanks to everybody who has contributed in any way - especially the many
> translators.
> Available at the usual place:
> http://rawstudio.org/files/release/
> /abrander
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