[Rawstudio-users] Rawstudio 0.7 package for Ubuntu Gutsy

Anders Kvist anders at kvistmail.dk
Fri Apr 11 11:06:28 CEST 2008

Roel Groeneveld wrote:
> Hi all,
> My first post here is just a quick pointer to the getdeb.net page for
> Rawstudio [1], in reply to a request for an Ubuntu package I saw in
> the mailinglist's archive. Here you'll find Rawstudio 0.7 for Ubuntu
> Gutsy, and 0.6 for Feisty.
> [1] http://getdeb.net/app/Rawstudio
> Getdeb is what I consider to be a trusted source of Ubuntu packages,
> next to for instance the main repositories. So it's safe to download
> packages there. :)
> If you start using packages from Getdeb regularly, do consider donating.
> Cheers!
> Roel
> P.S. Maybe it's an idea to add a link from the Rawstudio.org download
> page to the Rawstudio getdeb.net page?

I have just released 0.7 packages on launchpad.


There are 0.7 packages for hardy, gutsy, feisty, edgy and 
dapper...should be enough. I will create new packages every time we do a 
There is also a rawstudio-daily package if you wanna try the cutting edge ;)

... would be nice with something like this for .rpm based distributions...

/Anders Kvist

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