[Rawstudio-dev] Camera colour profiles: a huzzah and a thank you

Martin Christensen martin.sand.christensen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 12:02:38 CET 2010

Hi guys

I'd more or less given up using Rawstudio for a while, but am now
thrilled to be back. Sometime last year, a change in the code resulted
in all my pictures looking underexposed about two stops by default, even
more undersaturated than normal and so on. Harsh tweaking was necessary
to get a picture that looked even remotely acceptable. Since I tend to
do most of my adjustments with curves (though not the necessary exposure
compensation of several stops), considering that I already needed very
steep default curve to get just a decent starting point, my primary tool
had become very difficult to work with. I also started observing big
differences between Rawstudio's preview of an image and the JPEG it
generated, and I'm fairly sure that this was not due to colour profile
stuff. Add into the mix a less than perfect monitor for which I already
have to do mental compensation for its shortcomings and you can see why
I became so frustrated.

I started shooting in RAW+JPEG, generally just working with the JPEGs
and only turned to Rawstudio when I wanted to extract more detail from
the RAW than was in the JPEG. I sorely missed Rawstudio's sorting
mechanism, but I couldn't live with the rest of it.

Just an hour ago I installed the latest daily build, and lo and behold,
I can choose a colour profile for my picture that yields an image
identical to my camera's JPEGs (except for in-camera JPEG adjustments,
naturally). I'm very, very happy to be back in the fold. I've sorely
missed my old workflow as well as being able to apply harsh
transformations outside the fragile world of 8 bits per colour channel.

So thank you, guys! Beer's on me. :-) Now I'd just love for it to either
just grab the nearest profile as default or to be able to copy-paste the
colour profile along with other settings. Setting it by hand for each
picture is rather tedious.


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