[Rawstudio-dev] Any efforts to control moiré?

Martin Christensen martin.sand.christensen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 15:38:48 CEST 2010

On 2010-07-16 15:02, Klaus Post wrote:
>> I've had to shop for other raw converters after a recent shoot with a
>> girl who, for a fair bit of the session, wore a striped shirt. The moiré
>> is horrible, but fortunately RawTherapee can lend me a hand in my hour
>> of need. :-) What, if anything, is being done to control moiré in
>> Rawstudio? Do you need samples illustrating the problem?
> I don't see why we should have any significant problems with that. The
> test patterns we use only show moiré when getting close to the the
> Nyquist frequency - and then only on cameras that have very weak
> anti-aliasing filters, where moiré is unavoidable in most cases.

Well, there's a clear difference in files processed with Rawstudio and 
Raw Therapee respectively. Damn, by comparison RS is slow and, at least 
the 3.0 alpha, unstable. But then it also seems that RT applies many 
more different filters.

> But feel free to upload a few samples. We will of course treat them
> completely confidential.

I've uploaded a raw (moire-test.nef) and RT's output 
(moire-test-rawtherapee.jpg). I chose this particular picture because 
RT's output shows very little moiré while Rawstudio's output has quite a 

> As a side note, I've begun looking around for algorithm alternatives
> for the demosaic routine. The current one is both fast and with
> excellent results - but it's always interesting to look in new
> directions. But I'll keep you updated on the blog :)

Sounds interesting. The blog is always interesting to read.


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