[Rawstudio-dev] [PATCH 0 of 4] Enhancements and fixes to color transformation code

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Thu May 1 17:20:39 CEST 2008

I've been reading the color transformation code today
to see where to put the luminance curve code again. I
noticed a few things could be improved or even fixed.

The first two patches are for maintainability purpose.
The last two patches are bugfixes for a possible win32
build (mostly) and an actual segfault.

1815 044a842d82f6   2008-05-01 17:06 +0200   ed
  color: use the LUM_FIXED macro where needed

1816 f02d11363569   2008-05-01 17:06 +0200   ed
  color: remove dead code and attributes

1817 9bf0268fa0d3   2008-05-01 17:06 +0200   ed
  color: do not use align attribute

1818 60e607d0ae64   2008-05-01 17:06 +0200   ed
  color: fix 3dnow on x86_64

Please apply to SVN.

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