[Rawstudio-dev] context menus

Anders Brander anders at brander.dk
Tue Jun 10 21:06:35 CEST 2008


On Sun, 2008-06-01 at 08:26 -0600, Erik Buehler wrote:
> Does anyone else agree that the thumbnail view should support
> right-click context menus, for things like "add to batch", "set
> priority", etc... ?

Yes please! I think the place to start is in rs-store.c:make_iconview(),
one could catch button_press_event from the iconview and use 
gtk_icon_view_get_item_at_pos() to find the thumbnail below the mouse
and then use gtk_menu_popup() from there...

> My guess is that someone is coding this as I type, but I thought I'd
> ask.

Please go ahead ;)

> Also, can someone point me to a roadmap, or release schedule, or
> similar? I'm curious what the planned milestones (features, versions,
> etc...) are for this project.

We need to have a discussion about what we should do about post-1.0
releases, coming soon (tm) :)


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