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Erik Buehler photonymous at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 02:01:17 CEST 2008


Thanks for the thoughts. I agree; I certainly wouldn't want to clutter
up the interface. Typically, the "tool tip delay" should be set such
that an experienced user would never see the tool tips. Only when
hovering long enough should they pop up.... but not TOO long. There's
a delicate balance. Perhaps my terminology is wrong for what I
describe as "tooltips" for menu items. These definitely exist in some
GTK software, like Gnome, and Gimp. Try it out, you'll see them pop up
for many menu items (and of course, tool buttons) if you hover long

In RawStudio, there are already a few tool tips. For instance, hover
over the "transform" buttons. Is that delay sufficient? They seem
well-behaved to me.

As far as the status bar goes, I've seen that before, but my
impression was that the community was converging on not using status
bar for this, and using tool tips instead. As an anecdote, tooltips
are so common that my eyes are trained to look for them, but I rarely
ever think to look at the status bar, unless I'm looking for the
mouse's pixel coordinates, or something like that. Perhaps my brain
has been corrupted by Windows (?). As a programmer, I do like the
status bar, but as a user, I can't say its my favorite UI component.
It has a habit of wasting pixels.

Anyone else have thoughts on this subject?

 - Erik

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 12:09 AM, oleksandr korneta <atenrok at gmail.com> wrote:
> on 06/02/2008 07:40 PM Erik Buehler wrote:
>> GTK gurus: I'm researching how to beef up the tooltips in RawStudio.
>> I've figured out how to add some of them, but adding tooltips for menu
>> items is less obvious. Can someone throw a hint as to what else I need
>> to do to get tooltips to show up for menus?
> Let me share some of my humble experience. Recalling some pieces of software
> I've been usingin my life, and particularly those with cleverly designed
> interface, I remember that the tooltip is something that always pops up near
> the mouse cursor when you hovering over the button or some other interface
> items loke sliders or editable text fields. In contrary to that, the tooltip
> is never used when one hovers the menu item. Instead, the status bat text
> changes, providing extensive hint on particular item (note, this is also
> applicable to the context menu items). Right now, the rawstudio statusbas
> says "Ready" whatever you do, so that useful space is not utilized at all.
> Another issue. I personally always appreciate the tooltips whenever I am in
> process of learning the software or, is I use it too rarely to memorize
> anything. If once is using rawstudio on a daily basis I'm afraid the popping
> up tooltips, obscuring the interface and the image might be really annoying.
> Thus, thing in advance about making this thing optional, by providing some
> "Disable the tooltips"  checkbox in "Preferences".
> and thank you for the wonderful piece of software
> --
> regards,
> Oleksandr Korneta
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