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Richard Querin rfquerin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 15:52:25 CEST 2008

Hi Anders,

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 7:52 PM, Anders Kvist <anders at kvistmail.dk> wrote:

> Well, let just go with flash. How about creating a script for a rawstudio
> guide or some guides and publishing them on one of the lists to get ideas
> and make sure all important features are covered...?
> /Anders Kvist

Some points about doing a 'Getting Started' screencast for Rawstudio:

1. I think the introductory screencast should be relatively short. Anything
over 10 or 15 minutes and people will lose interest. I think a short
introductory screencast illustrating a typical, but realistic workflow would
be very useful. This could be followed up by a few other short screencasts
illustrating specific moderate or advanced tasks or features.

2. Taking the above into account, here's a quick proposed outline of what I
would try to cover in the initial introductory screencast:

- very short introduction - what does Rawstudio do?
- navigate to, and open a folder containing several raw files
- demonstrate the priority tagging system for immediately weeding out
obviously poor or unwanted photos, and grouping together the best for
further processing work
- demonstrate how to zoom in on a photo while working on it, and also show
the split view toggle
- demonstrating the basic adjustments on a single photo (exposure,
saturation, contrast, warmth, tint, curves(maybe), sharpening(maybe)) -
without going into great detail on any of them
- show the exposure mask toggle and briefly note the histogram and its
- demonstrate the copy and pasting of adjustments from one photo to another
and from one photo to a group of photos
- demonstrate cropping
- show how to export a single photo
- show how to batch export a group of photos
- show how to export a photo for editing in the GIMP (this feature is
awesome btw!)

3. I think it's important that you give people a quick demonstration of how
useful and efficient the workflow is without getting tied up in details. I
think there are several rabbit holes that should not be investigated in the
introductory screencast, but would be better served in subsequent short
screencasts or tutorials. Some of these might be:

- how the histogram works in detail
- how the curve adjustments work in detail
- how to adjust the auto-naming of the export files
- how to fix certain specific colour problems like colour casts
- more in depth demonstration of specific adjustments like warmth, tint etc.

Unfortunately I'm going to be away much of this weekend, but I might either
be able to get something done tonight, or on Sunday night. Just found out
about this trip today. Sorry.

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