[Rawstudio-dev] Olympus E-1 files have strong green cast

Anders Kvist anders at kvistmail.dk
Thu Apr 17 01:18:55 CEST 2008

Olli Hänninen wrote:
> Dear developers,
Hi Olli
> I am mainly using Olympus E-1. Its raw-file type is orf. Whenever 
> these files are opened in Rawstudio (SVN1758)  with camera white 
> balance (C) set, they are shown with a very high green color cast. If 
> automatic white balance (A) is chosen, the whitebalance gets better 
> but the colors still lack saturation. The thumbnails always look very 
> very nice, but since the raws get high and unnatural color casts, it 
> is quite difficult to adjust the colors for orf-files. When I choose 
> camera white balance (C), I would expect to see similar colors as with 
> the thumbnail. Even auto white balance results in colors noticeably 
> different from the thumbnails.
Well...first of all, we haven't got any code to read meta from .orf 
files yet - so we cannot read the values for camera whitebalance yet. We 
will take a look at this as in the near future.

> Dcraw does not either perform in the best possible way with orf-files, 
> but it still handles them much better than Rawstudio. Also, because 
> the camera colors are so natural, the needed adjustments are smaller 
> than for orf-files and the workflow is faster and more precise. Could 
> there be some issues with Rawstudio code concerning orf-files?
Try enabling color management - just use the default settings. This may 
give you a bit better results?

> I downloaded some Canon raw-samples as I was very happy to see that 
> Rawstudio performs in an excelent way with those files! Could 
> something be done for E-1 files?
I cannot promise anything, but we'll see what we can do :)

> I am happy to send you as many orf-samples as you like, but I found 
> some already in the internet:
> http://raw.fotosite.pl/index-Olympus_E-1.htm
> The Canon-files I downloaded are found here:
> http://raw.fotosite.pl/index-Canon_350D_Tokina_12-24_4_PaPi.htm
> Please don't make me buy a Canon ;-)
You don't wanna become a real photographer? ;)

> With best regards,
> Olli H.
/Anders Kvist

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