[Rawstudio-dev] tiff bug

Anders Brander anders at brander.dk
Thu Nov 8 12:16:31 CET 2007


On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 09:28 +0100, Joel Cornuz wrote:
> > But at my computer at work, I could reproduce the problem.
> Thanks for taking some time to look.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

> > The problem should be fixed in trunk revision 1495 - will be in release
> > 0.6.1.
> I tried the cvs version but I had to slightly modify the code to get
> it work (otherwise RawStudio would segfault whenever loading a
> thumbnail). Here is my version (that gives me the desired result):

Your code will work for photos where the thumbnail is at the end of the

How about newest svn-version (rev. 1497)? I just fixed an endless loop.

> [code]
> would do the trick (I didn't test this, though)... I am not good
> enough of a coder to judge so I leave it to you, but I wanted to let
> you know before you release a 0.6.1 version that crashes on thumbnails
> loading (bad PR :-/ )

Very bad PR ;)


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