[Rawstudio-dev] Batch export GUI/settings

Anders Kvist akv at lnxbx.dk
Fri Jan 19 09:39:38 CET 2007

Hi guys

I've made the buttons for managing the batch queue and committed them
last night. Check it out...does it work and stuff? I'm missing one
thing, that the Start/Stop button is switched to Start when queue

I've made a patch with some more ideas for settings:

I've been a bit skeptic about the resize in batch, cause a width and
height spinner would lock to eighter portrait or landscape mode...but
let me know if what i come up with is usable and makes sence.
(resize doesn't work yet)

I will work on filetype specific options when i get home from work, so i
hope to have some of those ready tomorrow.

/Anders Kvist

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