[Rawstudio-dev] Suggestion for exporting status indication

Martin Egger martin.egger at gmx.net
Tue Jan 16 19:30:31 CET 2007

>> Crop / Rotate settings are not yet used when doing a batch export? Or did I find
>> another one ;-)
> Hm, that works for me...you need to "close" a photo (write the config) before the latest settings will be done in batch. 

Thanks, this way it's working.

> Maybe that should be fixed somehow...

Would be a good thing to do, otherwise corrections made to the 'last' image
before doing a batch convert are likely not to be applied correctly. Maybe you
could force a 'write settings' for the current image before adding new entries
to the queue?

> > - "Run!" should be in "Batch" tab.
> Also up a few days ago, there will be buttons for run/pause and remove
> and maybe move up/down. Should they be under or over the treeview?

My suggestion would be, above the treeview, but it does not really matter - do
whatever is simpler to implement ;-)

> > - after image adjusting the thumbnail should recreated to show current
> >   state of the image.
> I've thought about this, but which setting should be used A, B og C?

The most important thing is probably to reflect crop/straighten, as the
thumbsnails are too small to see minor corrections anyway. Just displaying the
'A'-thumbnail should be OK as, in many cases, B and C are likely not be used at all.

Thanks for your work!


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