[Rawstudio-dev] Rawstudio crash on 'Export As...'

Anders Brander anders at brander.dk
Mon Jan 15 10:20:37 CET 2007


On Sun, 2007-01-14 at 21:32 -0500, Richard Querin wrote:
> Rawstudio still seems to export a jpg with a heavily reduced number of
> colours. It exports png fine. The other problem seems to be that it
> crashes when I choose 'Export As...'. I just checked out revision 1053
> and generated a backtrace with gdb. Any clues as to the funny
> behaviour? Also, I notice no difference between 1041 which I checked
> out last week and 1053. I can't see any evidence of the bulk export
> that was mentioned in another email on this list tonight. Seems odd.

In gconf-editor, what is the value of the
key: /apps/rawstudio/export_jpeg_quality if set at all?
(Please check this before runnning latest svn)

> Anyways, here's the gdb output from when I choose 'Export As..'

This was a timesaver. Thanks.

Please see if the latest svn-revision (1054) fixes this?


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