[Rawstudio-dev] Happy holidays 2007!

Anders Brander anders at brander.dk
Mon Dec 24 23:00:50 CET 2007


Another year has almost passed. After nearly two years Rawstudio is
still in rapid development and everyone involved is still passionate
about it!

In many ways is has been a fantastic year for Rawstudio. The press has
started to notice Rawstudio, and we even got a nice Wikipedia article.
We are very happy about the attention, it allows us to concentrate more
about developing good software, and less on attracting developers.

Many features were added in 2007. Now we have kick-ass batch processing,
in the development trunk we got a fancy preloader for fast switching
between photos, we utilizes multi-core cpu's and finally we got the long
awaited demosaic and full resolution workflow!

One thing that is still missing thou, the infamous Windows-version. We
would really like to have a installable version of Rawstudio for
Windows. We need someone with experience with GTK+ on Windows.

Let's make 2008 the year where we finally break the 1.0-barrier! If we
work hard for it, we can have it ready and released before summer.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed in any way. We wish you and your
family a happy holiday and a fantastic 2008.

See you all at Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 in Wrocław!

Anders Brander & Anders Kvist

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