[Rawstudio-dev] Auto white/black point

Anders Kvist anders at kvistmail.dk
Mon Aug 20 02:05:47 CEST 2007

Martin Egger wrote:
> Hi
> In general the images processed with the new option look quite good. Thanks! I
> think that the value for WP is a bit too high - burned highlights are probably
> even worse than underexposed pixels.
After a lot more testing i can only agree with you...i'll try to find a 
smaller threshold for WP.
> On the other hand, I am not really sure that having a combined 'Auto BP/WP' is
> the right thing. May be seperate options for 'Auto WP or Auto Exposure' and
> 'Auto BP or Auto Contrast' would be better. This would also simplify the naming.
> And you might think about offering the user some keyboard shortcuts or buttons
> to do this - I am no really fond of context menus when working on large numbers
> of images.
I'm kinda glad about the BP and WP names, cause i think that if we go to 
"auto exposure" and "auto contrast", it shouldn't be in curves but on 
the sliders instead... I myself, never used curves before, but after all 
the curves development, i never use the sliders anymore, curves are 

I've made a shortcut for myself during testing, as soon as we have some 
final here, i'll commit one or two shortcuts for this :)
> Just my 10 cents ...
Thanks :)

> Martin
> Am 08/15/2007 10:05 PM schrieb Anders Kvist:
>> Hi guys
>> I've committed auto white/black point calculation to trunk. I hope to 
>> get some testing help from you guys :)
>> There are 2 values i've been trying to adjust a little, black_threshold 
>> and white_threshold in toolbox.c (line 365 and 366). I'am hoping to find 
>> the magic values that will be good for every image...but it needs 
>> testing to find those...
>> My idea about it is that a very few pixels should be underexposed and 
>> some pixels should be allowed to be overexposed. It's just an idea i 
>> have, so i'm open for any suggestions...
>> An other thing is the name... check the context menu in curves...any 
>> suggestions are welcome :)
>> /Anders Kvist
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